Positions Vacant

NZ - Fatigue Risk Management Solutions

Fit For Duty is a privately owned Occupational Health Provider delivering a unique workplace program to identify and treat Obstructive Sleep Apnoea. We are in a significant growth phase, and we're looking for an experienced Clinical Physiologist to join our team.

If you are:


have a strong background in sleep physiology;

passionate about SDB;


patient focused;

have excellent communication skills;

can work autonomously but is a great team player;

confident speaker/trainer;

and would like to be part of this exciting business opportunity, including sharing in the rewards from our success, we would love to hear from you.

You will be responsible for the day to day operations, including review of sleep studies, co-ordinating the assessment and sleep studies with our Occupational Health Nurse teams, liaising with our Senior Sleep Physician, patient care and review of all therapy adherence data, monitor CPAP trials, develop & deliver training to our Occupational Health Partners (i.e facilitating a home based sleep study & assessment, setting up CPAP therapy). From time to time, be comfortable with speaking on the subject of OSA and SBD to media and peers.

30-40 hours a week (but we can be flexible to accommodate your family life), typically Monday to Friday. There will be some flexibility about hours of work to accommodate your personal situation i.e. clinical reviews may be done outside of regular business hours if necessary.

Auckland North Shore based.

Remuneration - great base salary with a profit share incentive.

Please email VC and covering letter to rachel@frms.co.nz by Friday 31st March 2017.