Mentor Program

All ASTA members now have access to the Mentoring Program.

A wealth of knowledge is available to you!

We have an amazing wealth of knowledge amongst our members, and this program aims to match experienced members with those who wish to learn about particular areas of sleep.  

We understand that not everyone has access to the skills they need at their own workplace. Mentoring gives people the opportunity to learn from someone outside of their own service. This could be anything from CPAP mask fitting & titration, through to preparing a sleep unit for accreditation.

Experienced members - join our mentor register!

We call upon our experienced members, and ask you to consider volunteering as a mentor. This is an excellent opportunity to pass on your skills and knowledge, and a chance to make a real difference in your sleep community.

Application form.

Then you simply fill in the application form, making sure you identify if you wish to be a mentor or mentee, and select the area/s of sleep that you have experience in or wish to learn about.